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Don't you deserve better speakers and sound qualilty? 

Our focus points for your listening pleasure. 

Karma Mobile Audio Car Audio
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Aspect Series Key Features:

Kevlar cone midbass and midrange
1-piece integrated butyl surround/gasket for midbass and midrange
Laser-etched al-mg dustcap on midbass and midrange
Simple in-line passive crossover for tweeter only for easy install
Textile dome tweeter

Karma Car Speakers.jpg

Allure Midbass Key Features:

Allure midbass:
Kevlar cone
Laser-etched al-mg dustcap
Multiple options for terminal connections
Cast basket

Karma Mobile Car Tweeters.jpg

Allure Tweeter Key Features:

Allure tweeter:
External motor
Chambered housing with integrated wave-guide
Pure silver wire leads
Textile dome

Karma Car Audio Speakers .jpeg

Allure Crossover Key Features:

Allure passive crossovers:
Bi-amp inputs
Tweeter attenuation jumpers to eliminate switches

Karm Mobile Car Speakers.jpg

We make your ears happy again.

Stop by your local car audio retailer and ask them for a demonstration of Karma Mobile Speakers. If you don't have a retailer within close distance, please contact us and we will find the best location for you.

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